Power and Performance Combined: WowGoBoard Electric Skateboard

Power and Performance Combined: WowGoBoard Electric Skateboard

There several manufacturers of electric skateboards exist in the market and around the globe. But not all one creates the value. Some are popular because of offering style, while some are popular because they offer power. This is why when selecting a particular type of electric skateboard, the users face confusion.

Therefore, the aim of this article is to help eradicate your confusion. You will get insights on a manufacturer, wowgoboard, that offers both power and performance in an electric skateboard. Sounds captivating? Keep exploring through this article to find facts!

Wowgoboard Electric Skateboard

Wowgoboard offers state-of-the-art electric skateboards. The main parts of this board electric skateboard include the remote, battery, and motor. The role of the battery is to store electrical charge within and supply it when needed. Motor functions to transfer the energy from the battery to the wheels. The remote plays a key role in offering complete control over the braking and acceleration of the skateboard.

Why You Should Prioritize Wowgoboard Electric Skateboard?

There are multiple uncommon features associated with the wowgoboard electric skateboard. These features are:

Unmatchable Off-Road Performance

You can use wowgoboard electric skateboard to experience an unmatchable off-road experience. The pneumatic wheels play a great role in this regard. There are two sizes that you can get in the wheels: one is 175 mm, and the other is 120 mm. You can choose anyone depending on the roughness of the terrain in your area. The pneumatic tyres or wheels reduce the shocks and dampen their effect.

Highly Elastic Deck

Wowgoboard features high elasticity in design. Double-column bushing serves a key role in this regard. This offers better cushioning and resistance to heavy impacts during the highly rough terrain. Fibreglass, maple, and bamboo are key manufacturing materials for your electric skateboard. This is what makes this electric skateboard an all-terrain skateboard. There lies an anticollision protection bracket in this electric skateboard. This protects the rear or front structure from colliding.

Professional Board Kits

You will get a complete tool kit when you purchase an electric skateboard. This way, you don’t need to spend extra on purchasing a tool kit. Everything is inside, including a pump for pneumatic wheels, a protection bracket, pull handles, tail lights, headlights, etc. This will help you spend more time enjoying and less time on maintenance. Along with the purchase, you will also get a user manual on using a toolkit. This will help you in getting started with the toolkit and electric skateboard.

High range

When people purchase an electric skateboard, they are conscious about the range they will get with the electric skateboard. You don’t need to worry as the range of the electric skateboard is very high. You can enjoy effortless rides up to 30 km or 18 miles. The dual motors assist in this range. The efficiency of these motors is unbelievable. This is because they ensure zero power loss because of belt arrangement. You will not experience a decline in the range of the electric skateboard. The efficiency remains optimum even when using it on hills or uneven terrain.